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Submission Deadline: June 15, 2009


Call for Papers

Consumer Culture & the Ethical Treatment of Children: Theory, Research & Fair Practice

November 11—13, 2009

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Michigan State University
55 South Harrison Road
East Lansing, MI 48824

Conference Co-Chairs

Elizabeth T. Quilliam, Michigan State University
Nora J. Rifon, Michigan State University
Marla Royne, University of Memphis
Les Carlson, University of Nebraska
Bradley Greenberg, Michigan State University

Children’s Central research, education, and outreach collaborative is housed in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations, & Retailing at Michigan State University, the Children’s Trust Fund of Michigan, and Prevent Child Abuse America are sponsoring a ground breaking, multidisciplinary conference on the Ethical Treatment of Children. The inaugural conference will serve as a vehicle for scholars across disciplines to share their views, exchange ideas, and collaborate in an effort to redefine our thinking about child abuse and the ethical treatment of children.

Scholars from a variety of disciplines are invited to submit abstracts, completed research papers, and special topics panels for presentation at the conference.

Keynote Speaker: CHERYL OLSON, M.P.H., Sc.D.
Psychiatry Faculty, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.
Co-Director and Co-Founder, Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health and Media.

Cheryl Olson recently led a two-year, $1.5 million research project to study teens and video/computer games, funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Olson has ghostwritten and co-authored best-selling health and nutrition books, and was co-author, with her husband Dr. Larry Kutner, of Grand Theft Childhood:The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do."

Researchers and advocacy groups are increasingly concerned that the media and its rapidly changing content may have harmful and long-term effects on children raising the specter of a new form of child abuse. The focal point of the conference is the potential for harmful effects on children of “Consumer Culture”—including, but not limited to, advertising and the media. In addition, the conference is concerned with ways in which the media can be used to promote positive outcomes for children. This pioneering, multidisciplinary conference promises to illuminate issues facing children within the new media landscape and family lifestyle dynamics of the twenty-first century.

The Michigan State University “Consumer Culture and the Ethical Treatment of Children” Conference will feature presentations by researchers from many disciplines with the purpose of engaging conversation across the disciplinary boundaries that traditionally limit interaction, cross fertilization, innovation, and the creation of new ideas. The program committee invites submissions across a wide range of scholarly areas. Topics including media, marketing, advertising, nutrition and dietetics, psychology, public policy, social work and family ecology with an eye toward child welfare and abuse prevention. Papers highlighting media literacy and other strategies to protect children, recommendations for new and fair practices for the ethical treatment of children in the advertising and marketing sphere, and primary child abuse prevention programs are also welcomed.

Authors may submit empirical or theoretical papers, including literature reviews that offer strong theoretical frameworks for research programs, content analyses, surveys, and experiments, as well as proposals for special topic panels.

Authors may choose to publish either the full paper or an extended abstract in a proceedings volume. In addition, conference papers may be considered for publication in the special issue of the Journal of Advertising on Advertising and its Connection to Violence and Abuse. Please note that publication of a full paper in the proceedings will not preclude publication in the special journal issue. For more information on how to submit papers to the special issue go to

We consider the conference topic, Consumer Culture and the Ethical Treatment of Children, and the related topics of ethics, media, and advertising, in a broad sense. Authors are encouraged to submit papers that address these topics in one or more of the following general categories:

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